Gost R Certification

Certificate of Conformity in GOST R system affirms that the goods delivered in Russia, or production line where they were manufactured, conform to the Russian Safety Standards.

The GOST R certification system concerns the majority of products sold or/and used in Russia, namely:

International Center for Quality Certification and its staff may provide you with an assistance in obtaining the GOST R system certificates.

You requirement to certify that your products meet the stringent national safety regulations and standards of the GOST R system. As an accredited certification body for the GOST R system since 1993, we are authorized to help ensure the compliance of your products.

Quality Certificate (Certificates of Conformity) of us is an official document issued according to the rules of the certification system; it confirms that the goods and services comply with the above-mentioned state standards requirements, established by the Russian Law on the Obligatory Certification of Goods and Services. The Law prohibits to sell goods, including imported goods, without the confirmation that an obligatory certification was effected.

Benefits of Gost R Certificate

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